August 1st – What a Waterful Thing

Today we were in a community called El Mohote which is the name of the hill it is on. Both wells we repaired were in the same community but it was quite the journey to get there. Honduras is full of hills and it’s not the small hills we see in Toronto. These hills are huge and not paved so its made of dirt and large rocks. To create these paths, those who built the road followed cows and built the road wherever the cows walked. Thank God we had a vehicle that has four wheel drive to allow us to make it to the community safely.

Normally at this time it’s supposed to rain a lot and I cant imagine how we would have made it to the this community if it was raining. The road would be slippery and super muddy so there would be no way any vehicle would make it up the hill. God always sees the bigger picture and allows for things to happen on purpose and not for some random accident. This dry rainy season allowed us to safely make it to this community to repair a well and share the gospel with the locals. And praise God, when we shared the gospel someone came to know Christ!

This community was using the same two wells for over 100 years. Someone from the community said their grandfather (92 years old) used the same well and the well was there before he was born. The community was very appreciative of the well repair as almost the entire community came to watch us fix their well. We could see the joy on their face when they were able to draw water from the well so easily. Many members of the community were there during the well repair and seeing the joy on their face was incredible. They are now able to draw water from the well with ease and the well is much more clean now.

– Marcus Chan

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