August 4th – Church in Honduras

Today was my second time going to a church in Honduras. The first time was a week ago, our second day in Honduras and I was really in a cultural shock. I didn’t understand what the people on stage were saying and I wasn’t familiar to how they ran their service. When the pastor was praying there was so much noise coming from other members of the church I thought they were being disrespectful by talking when we were praying.

During the week at different communities I learned why there was so much talking when someone was praying. The people who were talking were also praying, so many prayers were going on at once. Multiple people were praising God at the same time! For Hondurans in smaller communities praying is communal and done by all. Back home it is very different as we only pray out loud all together in specific prayers. This would be our communal/Korean (I don’t know why some of us call it Korean) style prayers when everyone prays at once. In smaller Honduran villages this is the common way to pray. Now knowing that the noise was people praying, I am truly amazed by how they worship God. Although I could only understand a few words I knew they were words of thanksgiving and praise.

– Marcus Chan

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